Connect your Newbook with Outdoorsy

This article will guide you in syncing your Newbook account with Outdoorsy for real-time availability, rates, and reservations.


Inquire Instance Token

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Begin by reaching out to Newbook support via email ( to request the Outdoorsy connection Instance Token. The Instance Token serves as the "key" required to link your Newbook account to Outdoorsy, typically resembling "US-1234".

Keep this token saved until the final step.

Navigating to 3rd Party Booking Channels Page

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Next log into your newbook account that you wish to connect with Outdoorsy.

In the Newbook navigation menu, select Administration > Newbook Administration > 3rd Party Booking Channels.

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Navigating to Channel Setting & Mapping Page

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On the "3rd Party Booking Channels" page, in the "Channel" column, select "Outdoorsy link" to access the Channel Settings & Mapping page.

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Configure Incoming Booking Details settings

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Configure the "Incoming Booking Details" settings. If you should experience any technical difficulties with your settings please reach out to Newbook Support for assistance. (

Channel Name: Outdoorsy

Booking Source: Create a new Booking Source, click on the ‘+/calendar’ button.

  • - Full Name: “Outdoorsy”
  • - “Save” in the bottom right corner

Travel Agent: Create a new Travel Agent, click the ‘+’ button:

  • Name: Enter "Outdoorsy Marketplace"
  • Newbook Online
    • - Requires Immediate Payment: No
    • - Invoice Payment Terms: [leave blank]
  • Default Booking Source: Outdoorsy
  • Booking Market Segment: None
  • Guests Receive Automated Booking Contact: [Yes/No] Note: Outdoorsy sends the guest confirmation emails too
  • Commission Inventory Item: [leave blank]
  • Bookings “Bill To” Client Account: Travel Agent
  • Bookings “Commission” Client Account: Travel Agent
  • Convert Net to Gross (commission/stay cost): No
  • Restricted Rates: No
  • Active: Yes!
  • Travel Agent Commission
    • - Default Commission: 0
    • - Commission Type: Percent of Booking Total
  • Contact Details
  • Save from the top down navigation bar

Rate Multiplier: Enter 1.00 here. Outdoorsy suggests parity with your direct booking rates.

Receives Minimum Stay Duration: Set to "Yes". This setting confirms whether or not Outdoorsy receives the minimum nights stay information.

Email Booking Notification: Set to "Yes". This setting allows you to choose whether or not you would like to receive a Newbook Booking Notification. Please Note: Error emails will always be sent – this setting does not affect your error emails.

Default Booking Status: Set this to "Confirmed". When a booking is sent from Outdoorsy into Newbook, the booking will use the Booking Status selected here. 

Status: Select Enabled (2-Way). This will allow Newbook to send Outdoorsy availability and rates, and Outdoorsy to send bookings to Newbook.

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Configure rates mapping

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Back on the "Outdoorsy Channel Setting & Mapping" page, under "Outdoorsy mapping" choose the rate you want to use in Outdoorsy for each Room/Site type by selecting the "Mapped" checkbox. 

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Send Instance Token to Outdoorsy

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As a last step in your Settings and Mapping, please email us at and provide the Instance Token you received from Newbook in Step 1.


You are done configuring your Outdoorsy - Newbook Settings and Mapping.