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Every stay gets industry-leading insurance coverage

Coverage during the rental period includes up to $1M in liability coverage and an uber-helpful 24/7 customer support team.

Liability protection
There is no additional cost for insurance for stay bookings

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Reduced fees on every rental equals larger payouts, for an entire year.

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Over 5 million nights
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$2 billion
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Stand out in the outdoors

By filtering out city and suburban stays, we put the focus on getting outside. That means more bookings for you from outdoor enthusiasts like you.


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Easy-to-use digital tools. 24 / 7 support, from the absolute best humans around.

Earn more on every rental

Charge extra for things like kayaks, bikes, and more that help guests get outside.

Join a unique hosting community

Connect with 30,000 other Outdoorsy hosts who already know the ropes.

Be part of our mission to bring the outside in

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Coffee around the campfire, not from the drive-through. Tall trees, not tall buildings. And, it’s called exploring, not getting lost.

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The outdoors is what we do. We connect guests who want to restore their relationship with the outdoors — and each other — with hosts who provide access to the woods, the mountains, the lakes, and beyond. 

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Be part of it all by being one of the very first hosts to list a stay on Outdoorsy.

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What’s on your mind?

Why should I list on Outdoorsy when I already list elsewhere?
It’s simple, listing on multiple sites helps keep your calendar full. Plus, if you’re part of our Stays launch, you’ll increase your take-home pay with reduced fees for 1 year.

How much can I expect to earn?
For your first year, if you’re part of the Stays launch, you’ll take home 96% of each rental, minus taxes. That means your hosting fee is just 4% — one of the lowest you’ll find on any platform. After your first year, you’ll pay a 10% fee on each rental.

What types of properties can I list?
Stays with a strong connection to beautiful terrain and outdoor activities, plus a high level of comfort for guests. Anything from a tent or a yurt to a cabin, pod, or treehouse.

How does Outdoorsy support and protect me as a host?
We provide 24 / 7 live support by phone, email, or chat, and we’re committed to your education through events like live webinars. You can also connect directly with other hosts through our community. As for protection, we cover every stay with industry-leading insurance coverage.

Can I list a stay in a state that is not live yet?
You’ll soon be able to list stays across the U.S. Book a personal call to get more information about hosting a stay.

Can property management companies list on Outdoorsy?
Yes, if you manage vacation rentals with a strong connection to the outdoors, you may be able to join our Stays launch. Tell us about your properties using this form, and we’ll be in touch.